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When should a ball jet nozzle be used?

When should a ball jet nozzle be used?


When the public places, such as various halls and assembly workshops, have a large area, the ceiling air outlet cannot send the air evenly or the effect cannot be achieved. In this case, a nozzle should be installed to supply air on the side. The supply air flow will be shifted up (hot air) or down (cold air) with changing temperature differences between supply air and room temperature. The air supply direction may also be disturbed by external factors, such as local pair airflow or lateral airflow. The ball nozzle is designed to be rotatable, and the direction of air supply can be adjusted manually on the spot, and it can be adjust by 360 degree range. Specifications and models are available from 100 to 630 and other sizes.


What is the ball jet nozzle advantage?


Due to the ball nozzle structure design, it can meet high noise requirements, and due to its high-quality shape design, it is suitable for various indoor conditions and technical requirements, and can be used in all air conditioning systems. Mainly used in concert halls, theaters, museums, cinemas, airports, high-speed railway stations and other environments where there is a large distance between air-conditioning and personnel activities.


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