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A few points take you know HVAC diffusers, What is HVAC air ceiling diffuser?

A few points take you know HVAC diffusers, What is HVAC air ceiling diffuser?


Air ceiling diffuser is the commercial air conditioning terminal supply or return air outlet, commonly found in large commercial spaces, apartments, offices and public places such as theaters and hospitals. But with the development of modern society, central air conditioners have been widely used in family houses.


The function of the diffusers.


Generally, the direction of the air outlet is made to flow in multiple directions, and it is generally used in the air supply openings in large areas such as halls, so that the fresh air can be distributed evenly, and the flow of air can be increased to keep the indoor air fresh and cool, and the effect of heating .


Types of diffusers.


Common diffusers are square, round, rectangular, ring jet, eyeball, louver, slot type and so on. Most of them measure by neck size.


Diffuser materials.


The diffuser is generally made of aluminum, galvanized iron, stainless steel and plastic materials. The surface treatment of the diffuser is the same as that of other air outlets, and most of them are powder coated in different colors according to customer needs.


Diffuser Designs.


According to different countries and markets, the design of the diffuser is different and has common points. Most of them are suitable for the ceiling air supply system. The air outlet is generally flat, and the top air supply generally adopts a square diffuser. There is an inspection door on the ceiling below the indoor unit, which is convenient for inspection and replacement of the electrical wiring of the indoor unit. Switch or thermostat, control the switch of the electronic air valve inside the air outlet, adjust the amount of air supply, and realize the temperature adjustment effect of different purposes and rooms.


Through the above introduction, have you learned more about the HVAC diffuser?


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