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Why phenolic material become much more popular now?

Why phenolic material become much more popular now?


With a two-faced aluminum foil layer and Phenolic foam inside, phenolic air duct panels become more and more popular recently. Why has phenolic material become much more popular now? One of the reasons is when it burns, it will not have toxic gas while other materials would have. Which is more human-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Our standard size for Phenolic duct panel is 3950x1200x20mm , 3950x1200x25mm,3950x1200x30mm which is the most popular size as well.Customized size is available as well. And we would love to provide free samples to our clients to check our quality.

Precautions in use:

1) Phenolic foam board is a relatively fine building material, which requires the construction unit to take careful measures. During transportation, collision, extrusion, and brutal loading and unloading should be avoided, and they should not be piled up randomly on the construction site.

2) After the phenolic foam material products enter the construction site, they should not be stored in the open air to prevent rainwater and prevent the material from absorbing water and reducing the thermal insulation effect.

3) If the joints or edges of the composite aluminum foil phenolic duct are damaged during construction, it must be strictly pointed and filled with glue, and then compacted and sealed with aluminum foil tape to make a moisture-proof layer to prevent water from entering.

4) When the width of the cross-section of the air duct is greater than 0.4m, the distance between the hangers is 3m; when the width of the cross-section of the air duct is greater than 0.8m, the distance between the hangers is 1.5~2m. The surface of the various brackets in contact with the air duct must be padded with elastic materials to reduce vibration and noise and to protect the surface of the air duct from being damaged.

Recently, we have received many orders for phenolic duct panel projects from Chinese customers as well. This product also had a huge impact in China.

For some projects, our engineer also would help to design the Phenolic duct plan for our client or offer professional knowledge. We always try our best to offer good customer service to our clients.

We not only just produce Phenolic air duct panels, but also the accessories, like PVC accessories, aluminum accessories, aluminum tape, corner, etc. The most popular accessories are PVC/Aluminium Invisible Flange Joint, PVC H Bayonet, PVC/ Aluminum F Flange, PVC/ Aluminum h Flange, and PVC/ Aluminum u Flange.

The Aluminium/PVC Invisible flange is a special patented aluminum flange that permits 20 mm/30 mm th. ducts to be joined with extremely low leakage. The bars are supplied in 4-meter lengths.

For Aluminium/PVC H Bayonet which is Built in shock-resistant polymer, this piece permits "invisible flanges" to be connected. Supplied in 4-meter rods.

For Aluminium/PVC F flange which Permits all accessories with fastening frames higher than 20 mm to be fastened to the ducts. Supplied in 4

meter rods.

For Aluminium/PVC u flange which is the Extremely versatile aluminum section for fastening of anti-vibration joints, volume dampers, and connection to

sheet metal ducts. This section bar is supplied in 4-meter rods.

For Aluminium/PVC h flange which is Used to fasten ducts to air handling units and in the assembly of linear diffusers. This section bar is supplied

in 4-meter rods.

The PVC/Aluminium accessories also play an important role in the phenolic duct, we would also focus on these items’ quality.

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