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Why is it not warm when the air conditioner is turned on at 26°C in winter?

Why is it not warm when the air conditioner is turned on at 26°C in winter?


The temperature displayed on the air conditioner generally refers to the set target temperature, that is, the desired indoor temperature, not the current indoor temperature. When the temperature is 26°C in winter, the indoor temperature does not reach 26°C. In the heating mode, the air conditioner will stop heating when the indoor temperature reaches the set temperature; if the current indoor temperature is higher than the set target temperature, the air conditioner will also stop heating.

There are always exceptions to everything. Some old-fashioned air conditioners can only adjust heating or cooling automatically in automatic mode to make the indoor temperature tend to the target temperature, while in the cooling mode they keep cooling with maximum power and heating with maximum power in heating mode. At this time, the set target temperature is invalid.

The refrigeration of the air conditioner is to use the cycle of forced conversion and phase change of the refrigerant gas and liquid phase to realize the "transportation" of heat from indoor to outdoor, while the heating mode generally reverses this cycle (more energy efficient than simple resistance heating). much higher) to achieve indoor heating in winter.

The temperature that can be reached indoors is related to the outdoor temperature, the size of the room, the air tightness of the room, the thermal insulation, the quality of the air conditioner, the size of the air conditioner, and the flow of people. In winter, the air conditioner is turned on at 26°C. For the cold winter in the north, the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is a bit too large.

Assuming other conditions remain unchanged, the greater the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, the greater the amount of heat flowing from indoors to outdoors through walls, windows, doors, etc. per unit of time. To maintain the temperature, the heat generation efficiency of the air conditioner should be improved, but the heating efficiency of the air conditioner is limited. If the temperature difference is too large, it is difficult for the air conditioner to maintain the actual indoor temperature at the target temperature. After a period of time, the heat dissipation and the heating of the air conditioner reach a balance, and the actual indoor temperature will be below the target temperature. This is why sometimes The reason why it does not feel warm when it is opened at 26°C in winter. Of course, in terms of health and energy saving, the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors should not be too large in winter.

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