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Why HVAC Diffuser Dripping Water?

Why HVAC Diffuser Dripping Water?


The central air conditioner is one of the key household appliances in daily life. Whether in winter or summer, an HVAC diffuser can show residents the appropriate working temperature. In the case of an HVAC diffuser, many people can find that there is water seepage in the HVAC diffuser. Although the dripping of air conditioning does not affect all normal applications of HVAC diffusers, the long-term nature will still have a certain impact on the service life of HVAC diffusers. The reasons for water seepage at the air conditioning outlet are described in detail below.

1. Under normal conditions, when the ambient humidity in the hot summer area is very high, the moisture content of the gas is high. When the exhaust temperature is less than the moisture content of the gas in the room, the louver of the HVAC diffuser inlet will condense and drip condensate, especially in the first period of time, this is a normal condition.

2. If there is no common fault in the central air conditioner and the ventilation is cold, it shows that the actual effect of soft furniture is very good.

3. The central air conditioner is not firmly installed in the case of installation. After long-term application, it has moved, causing changes in the position of sewage pipes, resulting in difficulties in drainage pipes.

4. The dew on the pipe. Because the thermal insulation material on the pipe is of poor quality or too thin, the refrigerant in the pipe is very prone to dewdrops according to the situation.

5. There are also water seepage conditions caused by the untimely installation of air conditioning maintenance enterprises, which leads to the uneven and unsealed connection of the four walls of the ventilation hole. However, in terms of today's air conditioning maintenance technology, this kind of situation is not often caused, and the key is the above two reasons.

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