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Which type of composite air duct is energy-saving and environmentally friendly?

Which type of composite air duct is energy-saving and environmentally friendly?


According to the survey, the phenolic air duct made of phenolic foam has better energy saving and environmental protection effects. Its energy saving and environmental protection are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1) The thermal insulation ability of color steel phenolic air duct is stronger than other air ducts. The reason is that the inner layer of the air duct is sandwiched with phenolic foam with the title of "King of Insulation", which has low thermal conductivity, slow heat dissipation, and long thermal energy duration. Therefore, the thermal insulation time is long.

2) Health and environmental protection Because the composite aluminum foil in the color steel phenolic air duct can isolate the external airflow from the thermal insulation material, and form a powder layer isolation belt on the outer layer so that the interior will not cause pollution and ensure the cleanliness of the environment.

3) Good sound insulation effect Since the phenolic foam can absorb the noise in the airflow well, it can effectively reduce the noise and ensure the quietness of the environmental space. Among them, the sound insulation effect of color steel phenolic foam is obvious.

4) Light weight, small size, and high construction efficiency. Because the phenolic air duct is made of phenolic foam with phenolic resin as raw material, the light weight reduces the load capacity of the construction building, improves the utilization rate of the building space, and improves construction efficiency.

That's why recently we keep getting projects from overseas and keep repeating orders. Especially the south American market and Europe market. They pay more attention to environmentally friendly materials.Most of the phenolic air duct panel order is for shopping central mall, office building, supermarket, a large building, etc.

Although Mother Nature - Earth is still healthy, we need to do something in advance to protect our lovely living place. Choosing the energy-saving and environmentally friendly material-Phenolic air duct panel is one of the ways to do that. Not only is energy-saving material, but also the price is good. This is a win-win thing!

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