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where to buy hvac diffuser

where to buy hvac diffuser


With the continuous development of the international society, import and export trade has become the main driving force of contemporary economic development.

We are so lucky to be born in this era, witnessing every progress and development of the world. At the same time, our company VENTECH also witnessed the convenience brought by the export trade business.

Here please allow us to make a brief introduction of our company:

Our company VENTECH was established in 2009. Yingde Ventech Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. (formerly: Foshan Shunde Ventech Ventilation Co., Ltd.) is our factory. And we also established our independent sales office (name: Foshan Shunde Vcare Import and Export Co., Ltd) in 2019. In the early stage of its establishment, our company mainly produces HVAC air diffusers and grilles. Now it has developed into a diversified and scientific global industrial manufacturing group. Our industry covers two major fields: HVAC products and industrial equipment, and up to now, our products are exported to more than 150 countries and regions.


Our main business range includes as below:

1. Air diffusers: square diffuser /one-way ceiling diffuser, 2way ceiling diffuser, 3-way ceiling diffuser, 4-way ceiling diffuser, round ceiling air diffuser, supply/exhaust disc valve, jet nozzle diffuser, ring jet diffuser, square/round swirl diffuser, linear slot diffuser, ring jet diffuser etc.

2. Air grilles: single/double deflection grille, fixed/hinged type grille, egg crate grille, door grille, linear bar grille, etc.

3. Air louver: weather louver, ball weather louver, drum louver, gravity louver etc.,

4. Air damper: volume control damper, opposed blades damper, back draught damper, one-way shutter, etc.

5. Central Air conditioning units

6. Whole-House Clean & Comfortable Home Air Conditioner

7. Phenolic Pre-insulated air duct panel and accessories

8. Automatic industrial equipment


Where to buy this HVAC diffuser?

As the leading enterprise in the field of HVAC diffuser and grille manufacturer in China, our company has 40000 square meters of factories and more than 200 workers. We have our own powder coated line and full QC teams, product development and mechanical engineer teams, also excellent sales teams, We are dedicated to providing high quality air diffusers, air grille,s, and other hvac products all around the world. Ventech will design and manufacture products to suit the application and building design. And we are also ready for OEM requirements also. If you have any interest and need to buy any kind of HVAC diffuser and grille, China VENTECH surely is the first choice for you.

How to contact us for inquiries?

If you want to get a quotation from us, you could leave a message to us with the below information:

1) Your detailed contact details, like company name, email address, WhatsApp or mobile number, etc.

2) Tell us the model and size and function that you expect. When considering the size of a diffuser or grille, the most important feature is to know the neck size and face size you're required to match the suitable items to you.

3) sent us an inquiry list or drawing if you have one.

We VENTECH are ready to offer the best good quality items and service. Just wait for your contact!

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