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What is the difference between ventilation and air conditioning engineering

What is the difference between ventilation and air conditioning engineering


Air conditioning is a very common electrical appliance. It is also widely used, no matter home or commercial areas. It is also widely used in shopping malls, public transport, shops, and other places. Air conditioning can be divided into ventilation and central air conditioner and HVAC engineering. What is the difference between the two? The following is a brief introduction.

System composition difference

The ventilation and air conditioning project consists of a ventilation system and an air conditioning system. The ventilation system is composed of supply and exhaust fans, air ducts, air duct components, silencers, etc. The air conditioning system is composed of air conditioning cold and heat sources, air handlers, air transmission and distribution pipes, and automatic control and regulation of indoor temperature, humidity, airflow speed, and cleanliness by the air conditioner.

Air conditioning and HVAC engineering include air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems. It is a complex system and installation is complicated.

Differences in engineering construction

1. Construction of ventilation and air conditioning works

1) Fabrication and installation of air ducts, air duct components, silencers, dust collectors, etc.

2) Anti-corrosion and thermal insulation of air pipes, components, and refrigeration pipes.

3) Installation of the air handler (room), fan coil and inducer, ventilator, refrigeration pipeline, water chiller, or cold water heater.

2. Construction of air conditioning and HVAC works

Generally, the embedding and reservation of HVAC installation works are started after the completion of pile foundation works, but most of the workload is carried out in the later stage of construction works. To do a good job in the construction of HVAC installation works, it is necessary to carefully read the drawings, make a construction plan in combination with the actual situation of the project, and carry out the whole process management and control according to the current specifications and design requirements.

The air conditioner mainly realizes the functions of air supply and exhaust, refrigeration, heating, humidification, humidification and air purification through air treatment, so as to improve the air quality and meet the indoor requirements for temperature, humidity, airflow speed, and cleanliness. With the rapid development of science and technology, heating and ventilation equipment are installed in modern buildings, which improves the living standard and working environment.

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