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What is the difference between a diffuser and a grille?

What is the difference between a diffuser and a grille?


When we need to buy or change a new air terminal unit, we are facing differences in the name of the air terminal unit: air diffuser and air grille HVAC. So what’s the difference between them? Do they look the same? Okay, let’s get started now!

HVAC diffuser

HAVC diffuser is normally made of aluminum or plastic(pp or ABS) around the world. Some special markets prefer metal HVAC diffusers, like the US market. The function of an HVAC diffuser is to supply air and return air in buildings or houses. The HAVC diffuser’s core is removable in most models and its maximum flow area is not higher than 4 meters.

HVAC grille

The HVAC grille is normally made of aluminum or plastic(ABS) for the most market. Even US market, most of them are made of aluminum as well. Its function is mainly to return air instead of supply air. Its airflow is usually less than the air diffuser.


Design difference

The design of the diffuser is obviously different from the grille HVAC. It’s either square shape or round shape when the grille HVAC is normally rectangle shape. Besides, the blades of the diffuser are fixed in most models, but the blades of the grilles is removable or adjustable in most models.

Function difference

The function of the HVAC diffuser is normally supplied air while the HVAC grille is returning air.

Air volume difference

The HVAC diffuser volume is much more than the HVAC grille.

Installation difference

The diffuser is usually installed in the ceiling. The grille is normally installed both in the ceiling and on the wall.

Price difference

It depends on which diffuser or grille that you’re looking for. If you’re not looking for a round type, the price for a grille hvac will be more expensive than a diffuser hvac. On the other hand, if what you need is the round shape type. Then the diffuser price will be more expensive than the grille hvac.

Hope this article could help you to know more about grilles HVAC! If you’ve any further questions, welcome to contact us anytime!

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