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What is supply air grille

What is supply air grille


Ventilation supply air grille is also called double deflection grille and supply air register. A supply grille covers the supply vents that are responsible for pumping air into a room or space. It’s available with a louver or damper to control airflow, or as an immobile vent cover. The grille can be installed in square ducts, walls, and ceilings.

The supply air grille is made of high-quality extruded aluminum profile construction with the advantage of corrosion resistance and rigidity. We can supply in white color or anodized another color also available. And the size of the air grille is also customized. That can meet different demands for the product.

The air grille is two layers of louver blades with front vanes horizontal and back vanes vertical, or with front vanes vertical and back vanes horizontal. The blades of the double deflection are movable. It can be fixed with steel or plastic bushings. This method of assembly ensures quiet, smooth, and rattle-free operation.You can move the blades manually and individually.

The rear vanes usually are vertical and are used to direct the air in a straight blow or spread the air as required by the room layout. If required, air can be directed at an angle to one or both sides, and still retain a near parallel air stream pattern.

The supply can be fixed with an opposed blade damper to control the airflow volume. Damper bladed is screw operated from the face opening, you can use the screwdriver to move the control part. A foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as an option to avoid air leakage.

The supply air grille can be concealed fixing or countersunk holes screw fixing, for installation into an installation sub-frame or fixing onto an installation surface.





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