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What is Supply Air Diffuser HVAC

What is Supply Air Diffuser HVAC


Ventilation refers to some little holes in the walls or roofs of the houses which are used for exchanging air. In ancient times, this kind of ventilation bricks can be seen everywhere in houses, and some of them also have decorative stripes. Basically, there are few now, which are replaced by some exhaust fans, HVAC diffusers,s or air conditioners.

Mention air conditioning is an essential part of indoor air circulation, and the supply diffuser is the air outlet where the cold air comes out.

The air conditioner acts as a circulating system, it is very cold, so it sucks room air at normal temperature from the return air outlet, and then cools the air through the heat exchange of the air conditioner, and then comes out from the supply air diffuser!

The air outlet we want to talk about today is the air outlet installed at the end of the central air conditioner. Square Ceiling diffusers are the most common. In addition, there are Jet Nozzle Diffuser, Round Ceiling Diffuser, Swirling Diffuser, and Linear Slot Diffuser. Square Ceiling Diffuser and Round Ceiling Diffuser are installed on the ceiling, and other air outlets can also be installed on the wall.

All of our supply air diffusers are made of high-quality aluminum profiles in 1.0mm thickness, construction with the advantage of corrosion resistance.

Ventech has been a manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum air ventilation for more than 15 years in China.

 We have two workshops and automatic production lines, and so far, have built up a good relationship with friends from 50 countries in the world, we can be your most reliable HVAC ventilation partner. 

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