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What is square ceiling diffuser

What is square ceiling diffuser


Square type ceiling diffuser is also known as a 4-way diffuser. It’s a useful piece of equipment within a mechanical ventilation system. They help to provide proper ventilation within various spaces. The square ceiling diffusers are a part of your heating and cooling system and are connected to the central system that conditions the air inside the area.

The square ceiling diffuser is mainly used for studios, hospitals, theaters, classrooms, concert halls, libraries, recreation halls, theater lounges, general offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums, and so on.

Square diffuser cores and frames are made of high-quality aluminum profiles with about 1.0mm thickness, construction with the advantage of corrosion resistance. 

The square ceiling diffuser features large square and rectangular inlets for reduced inlet velocity, resulting in low sound and pressure drop even at high airflows. The ceiling diffuser is highly configurable with multiple core styles, airflow patterns, and optional features to tailor this product to specific applications.

The square ceiling diffuser is an integrated design, where the diffuser core is punched and stamped in one piece with the outer frame by welding. Or both the square diffuser cores and frame by welding. Cores are removable to allow for better installation and maintenance, which is more convenient.

The ceiling diffuser usually is designed to deliver air equally in all 4 directions. But it can also make in 3-way, 2-way, and 1-way which can meet the different demands of the design and airflow.

About the square diffuser size, there are 5 standard sizes with neck dimensions of 150x150mm, 225x225mm, 300x300mm, 375x375mm, and 450x450mm which a face size being 145mm more than the neck size. The other size is also available. It not only can make in a square shape but also in a rectangular shape.

The square diffuser can supply or extract air ventilation for comfort zones and industrial zones. It directs the air from air conditioning systems into the room. The resulting airflow induces high levels of room air, thereby rapidly reducing the airflow velocity and the temperature difference between supply air and room air.

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