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What is slot diffuser

What is slot diffuser


A slot diffuser is a building component used to deliver air to a room. It serves as a critical component in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.


The slot diffuser is a long and narrow design air outlet, typically used in meeting rooms or hotel. It direct the air from air conditioning systems at an angle into the room. The resulting airflow induces high levels of room air, thereby rapidly reducing the airflow velocity and the temperature difference between supply air and room air. The result is a mixed flow ventilation in comfort zones, with good overall room ventilation, creating only very little turbulence in the occupied zone.

The slot diffuser is make of high quality extruded aluminum alloy and with smooth  powder coated finish in white color.


The slot diffuser have 1-6 slots configuration. The fully adjustable deflection blades allow air to be controlled along the ceiling. It can change the direction of the air flow. You can also open and close the blade to set the require of air flow.When the deflection blades are in closed position, the air pressure tends to form a tight seal there’s only few air coming out. And a hit and miss damper allows for easy control of air volume. It’s optional to function as supply and return air for the slot diffuser.


We can supply 45 degree or 90 degree cutting for the two ends of the slot diffuser. With 90 degree cutting for the end is easy removable . You can combine two pieces together to make it longer or make the length you need.


In an HVAC ductwork system,slot diffuser helps to deliver the air to different area. The size of the linear diffuser is the diameter of its neck which you connect the flexible duct. It can also be installed with plenum box to get an even air flow. With screws or quick fix connector that can easy and fast install the slot diffuser to the ceiling.

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