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What is Round Ceiling Air Diffuser?

What is Round Ceiling Air Diffuser?


The round ceiling air diffuser is the air supply outlet of air conditioning or ventilation, which is to divide the air outlet direction into multi-directional flows. It is generally used in the air supply outlets of large areas such as the hall, so that the fresh air is evenly distributed.


Air supply outlets for air conditioning or ventilation, as the name implies, allow the air outlet to flow in multiple directions. They are generally used for air supply outlets in large areas such as halls, so as to distribute fresh air evenly.


According to the different types of diffuser, there are (1) square (rectangular) diffuser, circular multi-layer conical diffuser, and circular convex diffuser, whose airflow flow pattern is flat delivery and attachment; (2) The self-propelled temperature controlled variable flow diffuser (3) is a return (suction) diffuser.

Diffuser is a common air supply outlet in air conditioning system. It has uniform dispersion characteristics and simple and beautiful appearance. It can be made into square or rectangle according to the use requirements, and can meet the decoration requirements of any ceiling. The inner core of the diffuser can be detached from the outer frame for easy installation and cleaning. The air outlet regulating valve can be arranged at the rear to control and adjust the air volume. It is applicable to studio, theatre, classroom, concert hall, library, entertainment hall, theatre lounge, general office, shop, hotel, restaurant, gymnasium, etc. In order to avoid noise interference and discomfort in various environments, in addition to determining the wind speed at the neck according to the performance table, it is also necessary to consider the installation height and installation site.

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