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What is return air grille

What is return air grille


A return air grille is an HVAC air vent duct cover. It is the ducted unit air intake grille that takes the air in the room and returns it to the air conditioning or ventilation system. The circulation system that air from the building is sucked into the ducted system to the indoor fan unit before being conditioned and delivered back to the rooms as conditioned air. 

The return air grille regulates the airflow in your room by covering ducts. It pulls air back into the heating and air system for return function. Its design is to pull air out of a room, ensuring energy efficiency and relative comfort while also providing circulation back to the central heating or air conditioning unit.

The return air grille is made of high-quality extruded aluminum profile construction with the advantage of corrosion resistance. 

Usually, the grille is in white color or anodized, but another color is also available. The shape of the grille can be square or rectangular type. That the size of the air grille is customized, It can meet different demands of the product.

This type of return air grille comes with specially designed blades. The blade geometry and distance between two adjacent blades are accurately calculated to achieve maximum airflow performance and create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They consist of a flange of 30mm which is rigidity.

We have the grilles with a fixed core or removable core. The removable core is the hinged type that can be fitted with a washable filter. With a filter makes the recirculated air purer. This can also in the long run reduce the amount of cleaning required for ducts.

The return ducts are usually placed in hallways, under stairwells, or in larger open areas. This placement ensures that they will be able to pull in enough air to take back to the HVAC equipment. These require to be covered by a return air grille that will ensure that the duct is protected. It is considered necessary to fit filters over such grille, which in turn can lead to higher efficiency in cooling or heating.

Usually, the cooling or heating system will have air being pushed into rooms or spaces through a system of ducts. This increase the air pressure in the conditioned area and also sometimes will even prevent any further air from entering unless a circulating system is set up to relieve the pressure. This is done normally through return ducts which allow the air to be recirculated or completely vented to the outside in certain cases.

In order to secure the grille into place, we can supply customers with easy mounting clips, or make holes with screws for easy installation which would save time. 





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