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what is Phenolic Duct Board?

what is Phenolic Duct Board?


Phenolic duct board is mainly made of phenolic foam. Phenolic duct board is a new type of fire-retardant, fireproof and low smoke building board. It has the advantages of good thermal insulation performance, waterproof, non-toxic, lightweight, and so on. It has been used in many fields, such as transportation, ships, aviation, housing construction, petrochemical, and other pipe insulation fields, especially in developed countries.

The phenolic pre-insulated duct board is made of phenolic foam material, which is a polymer organic hard aluminum foil foam product and is foamed by thermosetting phenolic resin. 

phenolic foam duct board, known as "the king of thermal insulation materials", is a new generation of thermal insulation, fire protection and sound insulation materials. It has the characteristics of lightweight, fire prevention, non-combustion in case of an open fire, smokeless, non-toxic, no dripping, etc., and has a wide range of operating temperatures. Phenolic foam, as a safe and green new energy-saving building material, its advantages have been recognized by the construction department and the public security fire department.

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