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What is linear bar grille

What is linear bar grille


The type linear bar air grille is a rectangular or square grille with fixed deflectors parallel to the long dimension. The bar grille is used for either supply or return air systems. Equally efficient for heating, cooling, and ventilating.

It can be used in commercial and industrial premises, typically suitable for installation in shops, showrooms, hotels, conference rooms, reception areas, sports halls, leisure centers, and all residential applications.

The linear bar grille frame and face bars are made of high-quality aluminum extruded profile construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity. Usually is a white powder coating in RAL 9010 or RAL 9016. We can also supply anodized or black, other color is available.

Horizontal face bars have 0°, 15°, and 30° degrees optional. They are fixed rigidly to the frame with 8 mm vertical pipes that can supply different ways of air throw.The linear bar grilles can be fixed with an opposed blade damper by clips. This ensures positive control over the air stream. Damper blades can be screw operated from the face opening.As an accessory there are plenum boxes, mounting frames and filter available,which can meet the different demand.

The linear bar grille has a fixed and removable core type. It can be manufactured with a hinged access frame at one or both ends of the grille. The size for the linear bar grille is customized,we can make the length according to your need.And the longest is 4m, if you need a longer size we can make it separate parts .You can combine them easily when installing. And the minimum width is 50mm. The linear bar grilles are a popular choice for continuous or perimeter applications.

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