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What Is Jet Drum Diffuser?

What Is Jet Drum Diffuser?


Ventech HVAC Jet Drum Diffusers are very suitable for shopping centers, warehouses, sports venues, factories, and other large open areas that require long-distance air spraying. The high capacity, long distance, and sturdy structure make it an ideal choice for any commercial/industrial application. This product can be used with a opposed blade damper to achieve airflow balance. The product size and surface treatment can be customized.


The high capacity drum diffuser (JD-VJ) consists of extruded aluminum blades installed in a rotatable drum,

Generate long-range aerial projection through directional control of altitude





sheet metal




Standard RAL9010 color powder coating. Provide other colors upon request





Installation framework





Installation framework


Features and advantages


Intended to meet the requirements of high air capacity and long-range range

Suitable for installation in larger air conditioning spaces

Horizontal and vertical throwing directions can be adjusted through removable rollers and rotating blades

The felt seal between the drum and the edge prevents leakage and firmly fixes the drum in the selected position

Capable of operating at high discharge speeds.


Jet drum diffusers can provide long-distance air supply to spaces that cannot be serviced through duct work and traditional exits due to structural or architectural limitations. By rotating the adjustable drum and shutter blades, the throwing length and direction can be controlled. The drum rotation is characterized by a 60 ° angle adjustment of the spray c central line (from 30 ° up to 30 ° down from the central line). This makes DD very suitable for use in warehouses, factories, stadiums, or any large enclosed space.


Drum diffuser is a HVAC diffuser deliver air with an extremely long range, making them very suitable for installation in large enclosures. By rotating adjustable rollers and louver blades, the length and direction of the throwing can be controlled. DPL2 provides a splitter blade to increase control of airflow. The drum rotation is characterized by a 60 ° angle adjustment of the spray  central line(from 30 ° up to 30 ° down from the central line). By combining these two functions, DPL and DPL2 can promote comprehensive air coverage in occupied areas. Drum shaped louvers can be installed horizontally or vertically without affecting the air distribution at the outlet, providing architects and engineers with unlimited application possibilities, regardless of location limitations. As an additional benefit, the long range reduces the expensive branch pipes typically required when using other types of air outlets.

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