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What is fresh air louver

What is fresh air louver


With the fast development of construction. There is a growing need to supply buildings with fresh outdoor air. That to protect outdoor air and building exhaust openings with louvers will continue to flourish. Air louvers serve as the entry and exit point of the ductwork because it covers the openings where your HVAC system takes in and exhausts air.

The fresh air louver is a ventilating device that brings in fresh air from the outside, and also simultaneously filters the air, to rid it of harmful substances like dirt and debris so that the quality of air in circulation can be improved.

The fresh air louver is made of a high-quality aluminum profile. It’s a rainproof louver design.The waterproof blades are designed at 45 degrees to prevent rain from outside. It’s with a white powder coating or anodized color.

To take in air, the louvers make use of the inbuilt fan to draw air into the HVAC system. This air then passes through the louver blades. The blade takes in air and prevents unwanted elements like water, sand, and from getting into the ductwork so that the whole system will not be corrupted. To repel unwanted substances, the fan pushes the air out through the louvers back into the atmosphere.

The weatherproof louver gets a mesh to avoid the insects entering into rooms. Wire mesh is optional. Also, the fresh intake louvers design can fit with a filter or damper located at the back of the louvers. With this to supply good condition for the louvers to meet different demand of the function.




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