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What is a duct diffuser

What is a duct diffuser


Duct diffuser now is common use in heating and ventilation system. Because of environmental changes in recent years, urban pollution, temperature rise, and climate change due to different environments in various regions. However, human living standards have improved, so central cooling and heating have become a new business model. In this case, ducting and diffuser usage becomes common, in both commercial buildings and furniture buildings.

The most common fresh air outlet is generally a grille or square 4-way diffuser type, which is installed on the wall. The main function is to discharge the dirty air from the indoors to the outdoor. Axial flow fans are mostly used because the machine mouth is round for the convenience of construction. Iron sheet air ducts are generally used for the connection.

So what is a duct diffuser?

As we know air diffusers have many different types. such as square ceiling diffuser, round ceiling diffuser, slot diffuser, jet nozzle diffuser, swirl diffuser, linear bar grille, supply air grille, return grille, egg crate air grille, air vent valves, weather louver, gravity air louver, floor air register and so on. But due to the duct diffuser needing to be connected with the duct, so usually will choose a square diffuser or rectangular diffuser and grilles in order to make the round neck connect with a round flexible duct to supply the air from the computer room.

In the ventilation ducting system, there are many different shapes of the air outlet, and the shape of the air outlet to choose depends on the design of the entire room or space and the requirements of the air volume. It is necessary to take into account both aesthetics and practical functions. The choice of size is also related to the air volume requirements. Generally, when the air outlet is connected to the rear air duct, if it is a square diffuser or rectangular grille, a plenum box needs to be installed as well. Change the square diffuser or rectangular grille connecting the air duct to a circle neck, because the interfaces of flexible ducts are generally circular. This is why the installation of the air diffuser or grille has many relations with the ducting system.

The most popular selling duct diffuser and grille:

1. Square 4-way diffuser:  square ceiling diffuser is mainly used for studios, hospitals, theaters, classrooms, concert halls, libraries, recreation halls, theater lounges, general offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums, and so on. Square diffuser cores and frames are made of high-quality aluminum profiles with about 1.0mm thickness, construction with the advantage of corrosion resistance. The ceiling diffuser usually is designed to deliver air equally in all 4 directions. But it can also make in 3-way, 2-way, and 1-way which can meet the different demands of the design and airflow. The design of the square 4 way diffuser can be taken off the inner core from the outer frame, this function is usually for convenience for the clearance and maintenance of the whole ducting system.

2. Rectangular grille: The most popular rectangular grille usually is a double deflection grille, linear bar grille, linear slot diffuser, single deflection grille, return grille, and so on. We have 2 types of the grille, one is a supply grille, and another is a return grille. The supply grille can be fixed with an opposed blade damper to control the airflow volume. Damper bladed is screw operated from the face opening, you can use the screwdriver to move the control part. The return grille comes without a damper, it’s function mainly is for return and fresh air. Both this installation of these 2 types of grill is can be easily installed by screws or installation clips to the wall.

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