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what are diffusers in hvac?

what are diffusers in hvac?


As a homeowner, there are many choices in heating and cooling equipment. It is usually very difficult to know which one to trust. As the use of HVAC diffusers has become more and more popular in recent years, we think it is a good idea to provide you with the information you should know about these devices.


Diffuser: throw, drop and spread


The jet, fall and diffusion of the air flow from the diffuser is a good indicator of the comfort of a room or space. The range value of the diffuser indicates the air flowing through the room from the diffuser surface. The range depends largely on the velocity of air flow from the pipe.


The diffuser drop represents the influence distance from the diffuser to the room or space. If it falls too much, the air will blow directly on you and you will feel cold.


The diffusion of diffusers shows how the level of air supply affects the room. Therefore, spread is basically the opposite of drop. The wider the distribution, the more comfortable the room or space.


The speed and direction of airflow entering the room from the HVAC duct system will affect the comfort of the room and the energy efficiency of HVAC. Although the comfort of the room is also affected by many other variables, such as solar direction, duct design and single-stage and variable-speed blowers, you can see that HVAC ventilation diffusers installed on the floor, wall and/or ceiling have the final decision on the comfort and efficient airflow through your living space. The following is what you need to know when selecting HVAC vent diffusers.


How the diffuser works

The main function of HVAC diffusers is to evenly distribute air around the designated space to increase its impact in the room.Air Ceiling Diffusers will spread air in multiple directions to improve its efficiency, rather than simply pouring air from the pipe to the area below. HVAC diffusers could also be installed with air damper to adjust the direction and the volume of the air flow.


What is the difference between diffuser and grid/register

Although you may think they are the same thing, the function of grille and vent is only to prevent large objects from entering your home's plumbing system or HVAC equipment. Moreover, as we have discussed, the diffuser has a more specific function, that is, it diffuses evenly when the air is distributed to the room.


Available decoration options

If you are interested not only in the function of any device added to your home, but also in its appearance, you must be lucky when it comes to HVAC diffusers. They not only help to distribute your air more evenly, but also their design has a low-key but modern appearance and feel.

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