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We Ventech factory are back to work today-Hvac air diffuser manufactures in China

We Ventech factory are back to work today-Hvac air diffuser manufactures in China


We Ventech factory are back to work today-Hvac air diffuser manufactures in China

Getting back to work from CNY holiday:

With the first sound of firecrackers at the gate of VENTECH factory, it heralded the beginning of new year. Glad to inform all whom may concern that we VENTECH are back to work from CNY holiday now and everything is back to normal status, the workers are ready with joyfulness & health and our production line has been debugged and officially started today.


The list below is just some of the information what we do during the Covid-19 to keep the factory running in safe:


1. Measure temperature of every single employee in every single day

2. Detailed health and safety restart plan with checklist

3. Employee health and safety guidelines

4. Risk assessment process, including what we’ve done throughout the factory

5. Break room capacities (reduced for social distancing) and numbers of people in each room based on work area


Who we are:

Hereby, we would like to introduce ourselves, We Ventech are one of the biggest manufacturers of air diffuser & grilles in China, focused on HVAC field for over 16 years, with a professional sales team and R&D engineers, who can help solve professional inquiries in MEP, selling high quality aluminum air diffuser & grilles to over 50 countries and win high reputation in this field.


What We’re Doing:

1. Air diffusers: square/rectangle diffuser, round diffuser, supply/exhaust disc valve, jet nozzle diffuser, square/round swirl diffuser, linear slot diffuser, ring jet diffuser, etc.

2. Air grilles: single/double deflection grille, fixed/hinged type 45 degree return grille, egg crate grille, door grille, linear bar grille, etc.

3. Air louver: weather louver, ball weather louver, drum louver, gravity louver.,

4. Air damper: volume control damper, opposed blades damper, back draught damper, etc.

5. Central Air conditioner units

6. Whole-House Clean & Comfortable Home Air Conditioner

7. Phenolic Pre-insulated air duct panel and accessories


What you can get from Ventech:

1. High quality products

2. Competitive prices

3. Timely reply

4. Professional service

5. After-sales service

6. One year warranty


If you have any need plz feel free to contact us for further information, we VENTECH are always here to serve you best. 

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