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Production safety is accomplished by the joint efforts of safety assurance system and safety supervision system. No matter which aspect has problems in the process of system operation, it will directly affect the normal operation of safety production.

Therefore, we should constantly improve and strengthen the safety guarantee system and safety supervision system, and conscientiously do a good job in production safety.

In this respect alone, we must focus on doing a good job in the following aspects: first, we must conscientiously implement the system of administrative head in charge of production safety.

Second, we should adhere to the work responsibility system of joint management.

Third, it is necessary to do a good job in inspection and supervision, truly implement the responsibility system for production safety

Fourth, it is necessary to strictly implement the accountability system for production safety and realize the rewards and punishments.

Fifth, it is necessary to conscientiously improve and implement the risk mortgage system for production safety.

Safety training should not only pay attention to the improvement of theoretical knowledge, but also pay attention to the improvement of practical operation ability. at the same time, we should carry out training by department, at different levels, focusing on key points, and unified management in different levels and batches. 

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