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VENTECH back to work in the year of Rabbit

VENTECH back to work in the year of Rabbit


As the leading manufacturer of HVAC products, VENTECH factory has back to work today. VENTECH delicate in manufacturing HVAC diffusers, air grilles, air dampers, HVAC accessories, CNC cutting machines, phenolic pre-insualted duct panels, etc.

Located in Yingde city and with a 40,000 square meters workshop, we most welcome you to come and visit!


Shapes are like squares and this kind of ceiling diffuser contains frames and blades, which enable it to spread air in the room uniformly but from an all-direction approach.


a type of vent cover that is installed over vent openings in the ceiling. Its role is to supply conditioned air into the space. After the air is processed through the heating and cooling system, it is funneled through the ductwork until it reaches the ceiling diffuser.

Jet nozzle-A simple jet nozzle is a round orifice of a small length-to-diameter ratio (L/d), ideally less than 0.25. A jet of fluid emerges from the orifice at high speed.

Ring jet diffuser

Ring Jet Diffusers are used for preference where the supply air from the diffuser has to travel a large distance to the occupied zone

Drum jet diffuser

a high capacity unit specifically designed for warehouses, sports halls or factory units etc where a long throw is required. The DJD is fully adjustable to provide a full jet spread and directional control.

Round swirl diffuser

the best choice for air ventilation in very large and high rooms or halls like department stores and gymnasiums. Heating and cooling are all suitable. Air volume can be changed manually with a spanner

Square swirl diffuser

an ideal for installation in a (system) ceiling. With these grilles, all vanes are adjustable, allowing the air stream to be adjusted. The square grilles are available with different connections, both top and side.

Slot diffuser

The slot diffuser distributes the air throughout the space.

Double deflection diffuser

incorporates two sets of individually adjustable blades. The front blades may be either horizontal or vertical. The grille is suitable for sidewall, soffit or cill mounting and may be used for supply or extract applications.

Single deflection diffuser

Single Deflection Diffuser only has one layer of the blade for changing the direction of air flow by adjusting it Up and Down (or Left and Right). Due to the limited air flow adjustment, Single Deflection Diffuser wasn’t as popular as Double Deflection Diffuser.

Linear bar grille

Linear bar grilles are engineered for supply and return air distribution in heating and cooling applications and are designed for sidewall, floor, sill, and ceiling installation

Return grille

is the ducted unit air intake grille that air from the building is sucked into the ducted system to the indoor fan unit before being conditioned and delivered back to the rooms as conditioned air.

Egg crate grille

be used for air replacement or air extract purposes, normally used in ceiling return air and exhaust applications.

Gravity Louvers are intended for exhaust ventilation systems and used as a non-return air valve for automated closing of openings and switching off the ventilator

Weather louvers are installed in the air intake on the building facade and protect the HVAC system against rain and leaves

Door grille

as Privacy Grilles and are used to allow air movement between multiple treated spaces. They are non-vision door fixed grilles. Door grilles are used in any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

Dise valve

includes the function of supplying air or returning air, it is used as an alternative to ceiling diffuser. They are most commonly used for the purpose of ventilation. The air flow through the disk valve can be adjusted by rotating the disc clockwise or anticlockwise. The rotation changes the free area between the disc and the frame.

Ball weather louver

The ball weather louver directs the air from air conditioning systems into the room, the cap can resist rust and is waterproof. It is complete with insect wire mesh. That can prevent insects from entering the rooms.

Floor grille

Floor grilles are vent covers through which air from heating and cooling systems flow

Opposed blades damper

Opposed blade dampers are used to regulate air flow through all Vent-Axia grilles and diffusers, it ensures that the downstream airflow is non-directional when the damper is in the partially closed position.

Volume control damper

it helps adjust the airflow volume to other parts of your duct system. These dampers are fixed within the ducts themselves. They are either medium- or heavy-duty and can be manual or automatic.

Iris damper

a brilliantly simple solution for fast and exact measurement, balance and control of airflow. Their unique design is an ingenious application of the orifice plate principles in fluid dynamics and allows for airflow to be regulated quickly and accurately at a single station.

Flexible duct

a long ductwork tube that fits more flexibly into awkward home spaces than rigid ductwork.

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