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VENTECH aluminum round swirl diffuser

VENTECH aluminum round swirl diffuser


The rotary jet is sent out, which has the characteristics of a large induction ratio and fast wind speed attenuation. It can be used for large air volumes and large temperature differences in air conditioning and ventilation systems to reduce the number of air outlets.

It is installed on the ceiling or ceiling and can be used for low spaces within 3 meters. It can also be used for large-area air supply at two heights, and the height can even be more than 10 meters.

Action characteristics:

aluminum round swirl diffuser VDL series, adjustable wind direction, air supply depth ≥ 3.80M

Cold air, isotherm air, or hot air shall be supplied to rooms with varying heat loads as required. The aluminum round swirl diffuser of the VDL series can achieve the air supply effect by adjusting the air supply angle whether in cooling or heating.


aluminum round swirl diffuser can be divided into manual aluminum round swirl diffuser and electric aluminum round swirl diffuser.

Manual aluminum round swirl diffuser: manually adjust the corresponding angle to supply air.

Electric actuator type: the electric aluminum round swirl diffuser can be controlled by switches, and the 220V electric control adjusting blade can adjust the air volume and the air supply angle at will.

Temperature control type (temperature sensing type): the neck of the temperature sensing aluminum round swirl diffuser is equipped with a temperature sensing actuator, which can automatically sense the airflow temperature and automatically drive the inner blades to change the air supply angle. 

When the supply air temperature in summer is ≤ 17 ℃, the blade can be automatically adjusted to the cooling mode, and the airflow is blown out horizontally; When the air supply temperature in winter is ≥ 27 ℃, the blade can be automatically adjusted to the heating mode, and the airflow is blown out in the vertical direction. It can meet the air supply requirements under different working conditions in winter and summer.

The temperature sensing actuator does not need manual work, power supply, and electric control equipment, and has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, stable performance, easy installation, and maintenance free.

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