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Types of Diffuser in HVAC

Types of Diffuser in HVAC


As we all know, air-conditioning vents are used in fresh air systems and central air-conditioning systems. By the material, they are divided into aluminum alloy vents, stainless steel vents, ABS vents, steel vents, etc. By the shape of the vents, they are classified into square, rectangular, circular, and abnormal. For this purpose, it can be divided into return air vents and supply air vents.

Today, let's summarize the types of hvac diffusers commonly used in air conditioning systems and their uses.

Square/ Round Ceiling Diffuser

The diffuser is a common air supply outlet in an air conditioning system, with uniform dispersion characteristics and a simple and beautiful shape. It can be made into square, circular, or rectangular according to the use requirements, and can meet the decoration requirements of any ceiling.

Jet Nozzle Diffuser

The jet diffuser is a nozzle-type air supply outlet. The high-speed air flow sends air in the specified direction through the nozzle of the valve body. The direction of air flow injection can be easily adjusted back and forth, left and right in the conical space with a top angle of 35 °, and the gas flow can also be adjusted through the opening and closing degrees of the valve.

It is suitable for high-speed air supply or local cooling on high-rise roofs, such as airport waiting halls, indoor stadiums, and hotel lobbies.

Swirl Diffuser

The Swirl Diffuser sends out the rotating jet, which has the characteristics of a large induction ratio and fast wind speed attenuation. It can be used as a large air volume and large temperature difference air supply in the air conditioning and ventilation system to reduce the number of air diffusers. Installed on a high ceiling, it can be used for low space within 3 meters, and it can also be used for large-area air supply at two heights, and the height can even reach more than 10 meters.

Swirl Air Panel

It can be used as an air supply outlet and air return outlet. Its characteristics are: slow in and slow out, uniform supply and uniform return, blowing quietly. The attenuation difference between the speed and temperature of the regional temperature flow is small, which can reach the requirement of ± 0.1 ℃ords

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