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The air diffuser or air grille shall also be cleaned frequently

The air diffuser or air grille shall also be cleaned frequently


The air diffuser or air grille shall also be cleaned frequently. The bad consequence of dust accumulation of the air diffuser or air grille:

1. Breeding bacteria and easy to cause infectious diseases: since the air diffuser or air grille forms a relatively closed space with the room through the air outlet and return air outlet, the dust and bacteria in the air duct will be blown to every corner of the room with the air-conditioning air, and gradually become the pollution source of the indoor air; For a long time, it is easy to cause respiratory tract or headache and other health problems, so it must be cleaned in time.

2. Make the wind resistance increase and energy loss: during the airflow in the air duct, it is necessary to overcome various resistances and consume energy. In the long-term use process, a large amount of dust (suspended particles) will adhere to the surface of the air duct with the passage of time and the increase of the service life of the equipment. Therefore, the inner wall friction force is increased, the wind force is blocked, the load of the fan is increased, the unit capacity is decreased, and the service life of the equipment is greatly shortened.

VENTECH is a 15 years manufacturer of air diffusers and air grilles. Hereunder is the introduction of our hot selling model SCD-VA square ceiling air diffuser.

Square ceiling diffuser blend with architectural details and are available with a wide array of frame styles for easy integration with modular ceiling systems.

It features large square and rectangular inlets for reduced inlet velocity, resulting in low sound and pressure drop even at high airflow.

The Square Ceiling diffuser is highly configurable with multiple core styles, airflow patterns, and optional features to tailor this product to specific applications.

The Square Ceiling diffuser is well suited to applications that require large volumes of airflow at low sound and pressure drop. Concentrated airflow is discharged from each active side of the diffuser, resulting in longer throws that are ideal for high ceiling applications.

The diffuser can be used in offices, shops, or similar premises, up to 4 m room height. 

Product Features:

1. Supply or return air applications

2. Complete assembly from extruded aluminum sections

3. Rigid, heavy gauge extruded frames with reinforced

4. mitered and welded corners

5. Special patterns are available

6. Powder coating finish, the standard color white

7. Size manufactured on request

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