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refrigeration energy-saving 6 tips for central air conditioners

refrigeration energy-saving 6 tips for central air conditioners


As the temperature rises day by day, the peak period for the use of air conditioners is coming. At the moment when more attention is paid to the quality of life, people often choose to install central air conditioners at home to improve comfort. But at the same time, people will worry about the high power consumption of central air-conditioning.

In general, the central air conditioner is one outdoor unit with multiple indoor units. A lot of people can't help but wonder: do I only have one indoor unit, and the outdoor unit also needs to run at a high load, so the electricity consumption is still high? In fact, if it is not the case, the outdoor unit of the central air conditioner will match the optimal power output with the start state of the indoor unit, and it will not cost more because one indoor unit is started.

In households with high air conditioning use frequency, the number of indoor units of central air conditioners is large and the use frequency is high. When the number of indoor units is large, the energy consumption of central air conditioners is far lower than that of multiple ordinary split air conditioners. Therefore, in terms of long-term use, the use cost of central air-conditioning will be lower.

So, what are the power-saving tips for central air-conditioning?

1. Variable frequency air conditioners can save 20%~30% more energy than traditional air conditioners

The variable frequency air conditioner using the variable frequency control technology can automatically select heating and cooling modes according to the ambient temperature so that the room can quickly reach the required temperature within a short time. Under the condition of low speed and low energy consumption, the rapid, energy-saving and comfortable temperature control effect are achieved with small temperature difference fluctuation.

2. Select the right model

Generally speaking, the higher the power, the better the air conditioning effect. However, if the power is too large, the energy consumption of the air conditioner will become higher, and the purchase cost will increase; If the power is too small, the air conditioner will not work continuously and consume too much energy. Therefore, selecting the correct air conditioner power model can not only bring out high efficiency but also save energy in use.

3. The doors and windows shall be insulated, and the doors and windows shall be closed tightly during use

Frequent opening and closing of doors and windows when the air conditioner is running will reduce the cooling and heating effects of the air conditioner and increase power consumption. Opening the fresh air will increase the energy consumption of the air conditioner. When the fresh air is not opened, 5-8% of energy can be saved.

Skillfully use curtains to let white angel sunlight shine into the room in winter, and use curtains to cover the room at night to prevent heat loss. Especially in summer, when the curtain blocks the direct sunlight, the air conditioning power can be about 5%.

4. The cooling effect will be better if the air outlet is upward in summer

Because of the high density of cold air, it will sink, while hot air will do the opposite. For this reason, if you want to reduce energy consumption, you should make the air outlet as upward as possible.

5. Do not turn off the air conditioner when going out for a short time

The power consumption of the air conditioner restart is more than that in normal operation, so frequent switching on and off of the air conditioner will not only consume power but also consume the air conditioner compressor, increasing the failure rate.

6. Set the reasonable temperature

When heating, the temperature of the central air conditioner should not be set too high, about 20 ℃. If it is too high, the compressor needs to run faster, which will increase the wear of the compressor and affect its service life; from the comfort point of view, when the room temperature is controlled at 18 ℃ - 20 ℃ in winter, people will feel the best cold and hot.

During refrigeration, do not set the temperature too low. If the room temperature is adjusted to 26-27 ℃, the cooling load can be reduced by more than 8%.

When people sleep, their metabolic capacity decreases by 30-50%. The air conditioner can be set in "sleep mode". The set temperature will automatically increase by 2 ℃ with time, which can achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

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