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Projects of VENTECH phenolic air duct panel

Projects of VENTECH phenolic air duct panel


We recently secured a complete HVAC project in Chongqing, a new kindergarten school. Includes central air conditioner, air diffuser and phenolic duct installation. This is the second big project we got in Chongqing this year! ! Really appreciate our customers for their choice and trust.

As we are the professional Phenolic air duct panel manufacturer, Here is some point about the Phenolic air duct panel for reference:

It has the advantages of good rigidity and high strength of the iron sheet common plate flange air duct, and the composite air duct does not need secondary insulation and has good sound absorption and noise reduction performance. The Phenolic air duct overcomes the weakness of the aluminum foil series composite air duct's weak strength and easily damaged appearance.

The production steps of phenolic air duct:

1) Use a full set of production and cutting tools to track the production process of phenolic air ducts at any time.

2) After the board is grooved, apply special glue in the groove.

3) Wait for the glue to dry, close the air duct, assemble the flange and seal.

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