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Product Introduction-Ventilation air conditioning vents

Product Introduction-Ventilation air conditioning vents


As the manufacturer of HVAC products, VENTECH producing a series of HVAC accessories such as air diffuser and air grille, etc.

Ventilation and air conditioning vents have the following characteristics:

1. Novel design, compact structure and reliable performance.

2. Various types and flexible material selection.

3. The surface of aluminum manufacturing is anodized.

4. The surface is sprayed, the coloring is gorgeous, and it is more noble.

5. It can be used together with our company's air-conditioning accessories, and the effect is more ideal.

1. Square diffuser

The use and principle of the square diffuser: The square diffuser is welded with clips, and the entire blade and frame adopt a separate structure for easy installation and adjustment. It can also be used in conjunction with the herringbone gate. The surface of the square diffuser has clear lines, and the airflow is of the attached (flat delivery) type. Suitable for lobbies, corridors, offices, lounges and other places. In order to avoid noise interference and discomfort in various environments, in addition to determining the wind speed of the neck, it is also necessary to consider the installation height and installation occasion.

2. Linear diffuser

The purpose and principle of the linear diffuser

The current three-flow device highlights the hot spots of the current design. Blower HSBC units for indoor linear and circular distribution, can be installed on side walls, floors and ceilings. It can also be painted according to user requirements to meet decorative requirements. The maximum length of the linear diffuser is three meters, and the longer ones can be docked in sections.

Linear diffusers can be divided into three types: one-way, two-way, and straight.

3. Circular diffuser

The use and principle of circular diffuser

The circular diffuser is usually installed on the ceiling, and the airflow is ejected in the direction of 45 °C. The multi-layer cone blades of the diffuser are flush with the outer frame, providing an enlarged effective free area. The inner core assembly can be easily disassembled and assembled, and the surface of the diffuser can be painted in color according to customer requirements, which is coordinated with the color tone of the building.

4. Single-layer adjustable air louver

This is often used as an air outlet, and when it is used as a return air outlet, it is often used in conjunction with an aluminum alloy filter (net). If the user cannot specify when ordering, it will be supplied with Type I.

5. Double-layer adjustable air louver

It is widely used in air-conditioning systems as which air outlet is used. The double-layer adjustable louver air outlet is based on the single-layer adjustable louver air outlet, and the rear row of adjustable blades is added to make the airflow adjustment ideal. Colleagues can also install herringbone gates. , filters, etc., to meet the needs of different occasions, the structure is as follows:

6. Grille air outlet

The grille type air outlet is also called the format air outlet, which integrates the supply air, the return air, and the decorative inspection port. When used as the return air

It can be made into a door hinged air outlet type, and the entire air outlet can be easily opened for cleaning the filter screen.

7. Fixed louver return air outlet

The purpose and principle of the fixed louver return air outlet

Using aluminum material, the blade and the blade are processed and connected by an aluminum round tube, and the blade is fixed.

8. Waterproof louver vent

The purpose and principle of waterproof louver air outlet

The waterproof louver air outlet is the decorative surface of the external wall suction and air outlet. Its structure has the function of blocking rainwater from splashing into the interior. When used as an air outlet, the resistance of the blades should be properly considered.

9. Hinged louver return air outlet

The use and principle of the hinged louver return air outlet

The hinged louver return air outlet is a novel return air outlet designed on the basis of fixed louver return air. The leaf core of the air outlet is connected with the outer frame by hinges, and is equipped with a latch, which can easily open the inner core of the air outlet, disassemble, wash, and inspect the inside. The filter, the air outlet is usually used in conjunction with the filter.

10. Filters

Aluminum filter

It is used to effectively filter the indoor return air after the door hinged return air louver. The filter has the characteristics of beautiful structure, small resistance coefficient, light weight, high dust removal efficiency, fire prevention, moisture resistance, service life and clear convenience. When it is clear, just remove the filter, dust and clean it. Disassembly is very convenient. The come filter is composed of two parts: don't forget to pass by and frame.

Outer frame: Made of aluminum alloy profile or 0.8 thick aluminum plate.

Filter: The outer filter is a thick and fine mesh, the thickness of the mesh is 0.3mm, made into corrugated shape, generally 2-4 layers, the inner filter is a thin aluminum mesh, the mesh thickness is 0.1mm, generally 6-12 layers .

The filter thickness is generally 20-25 mm. Filters with special specifications can be made according to customer requirements.

Nylon mesh filter

It is made of black air conditioner nylon filter with a thickness of 1mm and a 4mm galvanized iron wire frame. There are three types of single-layer and double-layer filters and aluminum groove frame nylon filters.

11. Air damper

Purpose and principle

The air damper is an adjustable, split and split air volume control valve designed to adjust the flow rate of the air grille or diffuser. The air flow through the herringbone gate is constant and the speed is uniform. Rotating the adjuster can make the sliding plate adjust the opening and closing angle of the gate synchronously, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the air volume. The brake blade can keep the position fixed within the adjustable range, and the adjustment is convenient.

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