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HVAC diffuser with damper

HVAC diffuser with damper


An HVAC diffuser is widely used to disperse the air from a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. The diffuser is in the right direction while providing a decorative cover for the vent. For the air diffuser and grille you can regulate the air pressure and choose the direction where you want the airflow, it can be wall-mounted or ceiling based and may offer multi-directional airflow.


HVAC Diffuser is an important component of an HVAC system and can work with many other accessories such as dampers, extractors, and so on to ensure the smooth running of the whole HVAC system. HVAC diffuser for drop ceiling is usually square ceiling diffusers, round diffuser, linear slot diffusers, jet nozzle diffuser,s and swirl ceiling diffusers. The supply air diffuser normally works with a damper or adjustable blades to maintain the right amount of supply air coming out. 


What is a damper? The damper is also known as a volume-directing damper. It is a movable plate fit to the air vent diffuser and grilles to control airflow volume and direction or installed in the ductwork to cut or regulate airflow to specific areas. Dampers are often used in ventilation ducts to create different airflow zones in a building. A good quality damper also helps in maintaining the desired level of humidity and temperature throughout the area.


Volume control dampers have square and round shape.They are made of high quality aluminum and stainless steel. The color has mill finish aluminum color and anodized color. When choosing the volume control damper, the size and the area where it’s located are the most important things to know. Please find below hvac diffuser sizing chart for you to choose the damper.

Standard size

Control type

Square diffuser

150x150,225x25,300x300, 375x375,450x450

Manual control

Round diffuser


Manual control

Air grille

All size available

Mechanical control

HVAC duct

All size available

Manual control

Volume control dampers help adjust the airflow volume to other parts of your duct system. They not only fit the hvac diffuser and grille but also for hvac duct. The damper for supply air diffuser is consist of a louver blade gear operated with a handle for manual control. The damper for the air grille also consists of a louver blade but with a mechanical screw open and close part for manual control. And the volume control damper for duct is heavy duty with strong louver blades, axis, and handle for manual control.

The damper is easy to move to control airflow. For a damper with manual control, there’s one handle you just move the handle to control the blade open and close. About the one with mechanical control, there’s a screw control part, you just use the screwdriver to move the screw will be ok.

The damper is an essential part of the air diffuser and grille and HVAC system. They are used to regulate the temperature in your building while providing efficient heating and cooling. Without these dampers, the air is not evenly distributed, making your building’s temperature inconsistent. This can make the heat and cool the area not getting proper airflow. So they are very important for the duct works.

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