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Due to the need for ventilation to control the intake/exhaust rate and direction in enclosed spaces to a certain extent, in order to balance the air, the ventilation cover plays this role. The ventilation cover can also provide a beautiful sealing effect on the opening and vent, making the ventilation look more seamless. The three main cover types are grille, register and diffuser.


Ventech's GRD has specific tasks to do:

Grille - removes air from indoor spaces and sends it back to the HVAC system for repair

Register - supply conditioned air to indoor environment

Diffuser - pushes the adjusted air into the space in a set mode to achieve optimal airflow distribution


Grilles help distribute air to designated areas for air conditioning or ventilation. These products come in various designs, from standard models to customized designs.


Customers can order square diffusers that distribute air in 1-4 directions, slot air diffusers with 1-4 or more slots, air registers with double-layer components that distribute air in 4 directions, jet diffusers, return air grilles, and exhaust grilles.


Simply put, an air conditioner is the same as a grille, but it has adjustable dampers. Unlike grilles, grilles can be used for indoor air intake and release, while regulators are only used for the latter. Air conditioners are typically used in conjunction with air supply vents to deliver air into indoor spaces.


A damper helps to control the direction of airflow or cut off airflow, similar to an adjustable vent at the outlet of a car air conditioner.


Although similar to air conditioners, diffusers differ in terms of changes in airflow direction. The design of the diffuser and its damper is oriented towards all directions, rather than the single air direction of the air conditioner. There are many diffusers on the ceiling, usually covering air conditioning or exhaust outlets. The diffuser is also the most variable in design among the three.


Ventech's GRD is not only designed for maximum comfort, but also easy to install. Our products are available in three types: steel, aluminum, or plastic, with electrodeposited paint finishes for a beautiful touch. Thanks to our stamped surface edges, there is no need to worry about rough edges or corners. In addition, you can choose from a variety of air modes, damper controls, and fin spacing, so you can ensure that you have the right product for your application.


Square ceiling diffuser: SCD is a common air supply outlet in air conditioning systems, characterized by uniform dispersion and simple and beautiful design

Nozzle diffuser: JD is a nozzle type air supply outlet. Jet stream delivers air to the specified direction through the nozzle of the valve body.

Return Air Grille: The RG return air grille is equipped with adjustable louvers, making maintenance and cleaning simple.

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