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How to use HVAC damper?

How to use HVAC damper?


How many types of HVAC diffusers and dampers we have?

As far as we know, the diffuser and the grille are used at the end of the entire HVAC system. It is not only an air outlet that can supply and return air which provides fresh air for the areas but also has the function of installation. We can see all kinds of air outlets on the ceiling in the commercial center, they have square, round, rectangle, and linear slots. And there are also very important components on this diffuser and grille, it as a damper.

For dampers, we have many different types also, some of them are used on duct systems and some of them are used on the diffuser and grille, louvers. But mainly can divide into two big ranges of the damper.

One type is a motorized damper, this kind of damper needs to install an automatic motor on the damper to control the airflow automatically.

Another type is the manual control damper, this is the most popular design we selling to match the diffuser and grilles.

The best hot selling of our HVAC damper as below models:

1. Volume control dampers, are made of extruded aluminum profile or galvanized steel sheet materials, they are used to adjust the air volume on duct systems, and can be used for manual control and by electrical actuator control two ways. The color makes is anodized color and sizes can do according to the customer’s needs.

2. Opposed blades damper, they are made of high-quality extruded aluminum profile, used as a damper for the square diffuser or grille items, our VENTECH provided 2 main design of the opposed blades damper, one is a gear wheel control damper for square ceiling diffuser use. Another is a mechanical control damper operated by a screwdriver.

3. Slide dampers, are made of GI sheets, mainly used on round diffusers or connected with a plenum box to be used on square diffusers, grilles, slot diffusers, or swirl diffuser panels. Standard sizes as 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm

4. Butterfly damper, VENTECH butterfly damper have 2 design. One is a black color plastic butterfly damper, it usually use on round diffusers only. Another is made of GI sheet, it can be powder coated into black color and can use on round diffusers, jet nozzle, etc.

5. Round volume control damper, they are used to adjust air volume on round duct systems, it is made of galvanized steel sheet material. It can be controlled manually or by the electrical actuator.

6. Back Draught damper, frame made of GI sheet, and blades made of aluminum sheet. It’s used to break the supply and return air after turning off the air equipment. It mostly uses in the ducting system.

How to use an HVAC damper?

For this question, actually, it is just according to your detailed requirement and to choose the most suitable HVAC damper to use on your systems. The damper function is the determinant factor.

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