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How to select the good central air conditioner and ceiling diffuser?

How to select the good central air conditioner and ceiling diffuser?


Step 1: Determine the central air conditioner model

First of all, consider the area and orientation of the house to see if there are large glass windows, so as to calculate the maximum simultaneous use coefficient of air conditioning.

Generally speaking, in the ordinary home environment, the cooling capacity required in actual use is often not the comprehensive cooling capacity of all rooms, but lower than the latter. The former only needs to reach 60% ~ 70% of the latter. This can save investment and avoid unnecessary waste.

The actual required cooling capacity of the room can be calculated by the following formula:

Actual cooling area = building area ×  House availability ×  65% (excluding uncooled areas such as kitchen and toilet)

Actual required cooling capacity = actual cooling area ×  Refrigerating capacity per unit area

Note: the cooling capacity per unit area varies according to the specific situation, and it is usually 100 ~ 150 W / m2 for domestic use. If the room faces south, the floor is high, or there is a large glass wall, it can be appropriately increased to about 170 ~ 200W / m2.


Step 2: determine indoor unit and air outlet

The model is determined according to the actual required cooling capacity. Each room or hall only needs one indoor unit or air outlet. If the living room is large or rectangular, an additional indoor unit or air outlet can be added. It is subject to the requirement of about one horse per 12 square meters.

Step 3: determine the air conditioning ceiling diffuser

1. The location of the main engine shall be well-ventilated and heat dissipated to facilitate overhaul and maintenance. Meanwhile, the location shall be as hidden as possible to avoid affecting the appearance of the house and the noise inside;

2. The location of the indoor unit should match the layout of the indoor decoration, generally hidden in the ceiling or the top of the high cabinet. Generally, indoor units are ultra-thin, and only need a height of about 25cm to be placed. Pay attention to good return air during installation to form a circulation of indoor air to ensure air conditioning effect and air quality;

3. Pipeline arrangement: the refrigerant pipeline of the water chiller is relatively thin, which can be conveniently hidden even if it is wrapped with an insulation layer; The pipeline needs to be insulated throughout the whole process, and the pipe fittings, valves, and metal fittings in contact with the pipeline should be insulated and wrapped to prevent condensate dripping; Generally, PP-R pipe, PVC pipe or aluminum-plastic composite pipe are selected as pipeline materials, which can ensure that they will not be damaged for 50 years; All condensed water shall be discharged centrally or concealed nearby;

4. The indoor unit can add an anion generator and purification and dust removal device according to the user's requirements to further improve indoor air quality.


Step 4: Select the product with a suitable price

The price of domestic central air conditioning is about 400 yuan / square meter. Brand, the model, and user's own needs, such as choosing variable frequency and nonvariable frequency air conditioners, heating and cooling or single cooling, will lead to price differences.

Step 5: Select a good service

Compared with ordinary split air conditioners, domestic central air conditioners are actually a "semi-finished product", because they need to be matched with indoor decoration. The service of domestic central air conditioning includes not only after-sales service but also pre-sale consultation, scheme design, and installation construction. It can be said that the importance of design, installation and construction is no less than that of host equipment in order to make a set of household central air conditioning system work normally.

Therefore, when users buy household central air conditioners, they must choose enterprises with good service and reputation to protect their own interests.

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