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How to select the air diffusers:

How to select the air diffusers:


The most common problem encountered in the coordination of HVAC system is the contradiction between the air-conditioning vents, lamps, pipelines, etc. , while the contradiction between the air-conditioning vent and the ceiling involves the balance between the effect of interior design shape and the comfort of air-conditioning. We have to consider the fitness position of the air vents and make them look in great, but we can not loose the basic requirements for the functionality of the air conditioning effect.


Share the principles of air-conditioning tuyere setting and some forms of good air-conditioning airflow organization, and achieve a win-win effect through inter-professional mutual understanding.



 What factors we should consider in the ceiling diffusers


• Reel: Flat Feed

• Applicable: ceiling air supply

• Suction type: up and down

• Straight sheet: top feed or flat feed

• Streamlined: down feed


(1) The airflow form of the square and rectangular diffuser is the as below (flat delivery) type:

(2) The circular diffuser is generally used for cooling and heating air supply. The structure is mostly multi-layer cone type. The indoor induced airflow is large, and the airflow velocity and temperature of the outlet air are attenuated quickly.

(3) Vertical air supply, side air supply, top air supply, general air conditioning project

(4) Slot type diffuser, applicable for inner area ceiling, peripheral ceiling, window sill, floor, upper side delivery.

(5) The swirl air diffusers is a rotating jet with a large induction ratio and a large speed attenuation. It can be used for air supply with large air volume and large temperature difference, and is installed on the ceiling or ceiling. Suitable for downdraft, it’s for top delivery cold air diffuser type .

(6) Jet nozzles are used for free jets and concentrated air supply in tall and large spaces (commercial atriums, airports). The jet nozzle is selected according to the length and drop of the working area


In the case of a suspended ceiling, a diffuser is used for air supply to obtain better airflow organization. For tall spaces, air supply jet nozzle spouts should be used. When the working area requires large air supply volume and small air speed, such as purification area, etc., square swirl diffuser can be used. 

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