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How to select appropriate products according to the air distribution of supply air grille?

How to select appropriate products according to the air distribution of supply air grille?


Natural ventilation with multi-blades supply air grille is a key step of indoor air conditioning, which can directly harm the actual effect of air conditioning units. The central air conditioner room shall be equipped with exhaust, air supply, and exhaust systems. The natural ventilation shall ensure that there is no blind area of the swirling air outlet in the room. The comfortable air conditioning shall be such that the staff is in the flow back area or the mixed flow area. The supply air grille shall avoid the cold air from blowing to the body immediately. In order to better save energy, the central air-conditioning room should try to reduce the outdoor unprocessed gas entering the central air-conditioning room. The supply air grille should be used. Therefore, the central air-conditioning room should keep constant positive pressure, and the pressure error should be 5 ~ 10 Pa, and should not exceed 50 PA 5 mmh20. In the plan, it shall be ensured that the positive pressure of the room with high air quality index is higher than that of the room with a low air quality index.

In order to better ensure the sanitary requirements of indoor air quality, the supply air grille must continuously compensate for the fresh air system in the room, and the fresh air at the supply air grille must satisfy the less exhaust volume required by the staff in the room. The definition is the flow flux of gas in the unit time, the supply air grille and its compensation exhaust system, and the exhaust volume required by the constant positive pressure in the room. The overall planned exhaust volume of the main indoor space of commercial buildings shall be in accordance with the relevant environmental health standards of the current standards in China. The exhaust volume of each person shall be no less than 30m3 / h in public buildings.

General industrial buildings are comfortable with central air conditioning. The supply air grille is mainly used to provide a relatively balanced and stable temperature and humidity record in the indoor human body theme activity area. According to its characteristics, the common air exhaust methods can be divided into five types: peripheral air exhaust, diffuser air supply, under-fill air exhaust, strip seam lower air exhaust, and its nozzle or swirl air outlet.

1. Multi leaf positive pressure air supply, such as louvers or slit-shaped air outlets, is one of the natural ventilation modes frequently used in centrally air-conditioned rooms. It generally occurs in the form of attached water jets. In the work area, it usually flows back. It is common in public places with low building heights and top-down decorative designs. The side positive pressure air supply can be selected from one layer and two layers.

2. The horizontal air supply and side air supply of the multi-leaf positive pressure air supply diffuser is the same. The work area has always been in the flow back, but the effective range of exhaust air and the specific steps of flow back are shorter than those of the side air supply. It is common in the central air-conditioning room decorated with suspended ceilings. The diffuser has a square and ring shape, and the vent orientation can be selected from 1 to 4 directions. A pressurized air supply outlet refers to the branch pipe that transports gas from the center of the air conditioning pipe to the room. The shell of the supply air grille is made of a high-quality cold-rolled plate, and the surface is sprayed with electrostatic powder, including a static pressure box, comparative air supply outlet, and diffuser plate. The supply air grille can be used as terminal equipment in the reconstruction and creation of various purification rooms. Compared with the filter equipment, it has the advantages of less investment and simple engineering construction

3. The basic characteristics of packing and exhaust of supply air grille are that the water jet is relaxed and mixed well. The mixing process of the water jet is short, and the temperature difference and wind force weaken quickly. Therefore, the temperature and speed of the work area are evenly distributed. When the air supply and exhaust volume of the enterprise is relatively large and the specified wind force in the theme activity area of the staff is small or the regional temperature difference is not optimistic, the supply air grille should use packing and exhaust. For example, under the building of the cinema, the cost of the filling and exhaust engineering is high, and it is mostly used in places with high indoor decoration standards.

4. The supply air grille is sent down from the slot air outlet, which belongs to the flat and flat water jet. It is common in the vicinity, such as the vicinity of the outdoor scenery of the roof, the vicinity of the supply air grille sharing the indoor space, etc. it should be noted that due to the engineering cost problem when leveling the machine equipment, the slot blade surface is mostly vertically divided into the ground, and the cyclone is sent down vertically, which is easy to form a blower feeling to the body.

5. The work area is located in the flow back area, and the effective range of the exhaust water jet is long, which can improve the exhaust temperature difference and reduce the air supply and exhaust volume. For commercial buildings with too large indoor space and indoor temperature, it is allowed not to decisively operate the industrial plants with a scale greater than or equal to the maximum. It is appropriate to adopt the nozzle exhaust, swirl air supply, or flat plate exhaust. The multi leaf positive pressure air supply is such in large and medium-sized stadiums and cinemas.

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