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How to install hvac damper?

How to install hvac damper?


What is HAVC damper?

The HVAC damper is a component in charge of controlling the airflow in an HVAC system. It helps to adjust your room temperature. It could be compared to a faucet switch, when a damper is closed, it stops the water from coming out. For the same reason, when you close the damper, the airflow can not come in or come out.

HVAC Dampers for ventilation systems are usually installed on a diffuser or grille's back side, its main function is to control the airflow coming in or going out. They are like valves, which play a vital role in your ventilation system.

Usually, the damper is the important part to help air close or open of your diffuser or grille. This way, if you want to prevent airflow to a certain zone or room, you can easily use the dampers to do so.

HVAC Diffuser is an important component of an HVAC system, then how they work?

As mentioned above, HVAC dampers are like valves. They are in charge of the amount of cooled or heated air that goes to different places in the certain area you using for central air conditioning. For the damper, we install it on the diffuser and grille, and for the way we open or close the damper usually, it is by hand control or by screws driver control. We called it the manual control damper. When the installation person put the diffuser into the ceiling, they will adjust it to a suitable airflow and fix the damper blades to a certain degree. In this way, it controls the airflow.

How many kinds of HVAC dampers we have?

For the type of HAVC damper, first, the most common design we have is a volume control damper, round volume control damper, and rectangle volume control damper with handles and without handles, and also you can install an automated motor on such volume control dampers. The second one is an opposed blade damper, this kind of damper usually install on the square ceiling diffuser or linear grille, double deflection grille, and some louvers. The third one is butterfly damper and slide damper, These kinds of damper usually are installed on the round ceiling diffuser, round duct and jet nozzle, swirl diffuser for all-round shape diffuser or grille. The fourth one we have is the iris damper, it mainly used on the duct system. This kind of HVAC air damper is fireproof. It avoids back-drafting by controlling any airflow in one direction.

So how to install the HVAC dampers?

Usually, each type of damper have its own installation way, and customer can choose the most convenient way to finish the installation. Generally speaking, it is very easy and fast. For example, for opposed blade dampers, we use the damper clips to install the damper onto the 4-way ceiling diffuser. And for the butterfly damper, it is using a screwdriver to fix the damper onto the round diffuser. For the slide damper, we also use screws to install it. For the grille dampers, we can choose to use damper clips or fix them with screwdrivers directly.

Different countries have their own installation habit, but most of them will choose the easiest and simple way to finish the installation work of the HVAC dampers.

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