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How to install a ceiling diffuser damper

How to install a ceiling diffuser damper


A ceiling diffuser is a type of vent cover that is installed over vent opening in the ceiling, it directs the air from air conditioning systems into the room. The role is to supply conditioned air into the space. After the air is processed through the heating and cooling system, it is funneled through the ductwork until it reaches the ceiling diffuser.


The ceiling diffuser has many different types, they include a square diffuser, round diffusers, linear diffusers, slot diffusers, and swirl diffusers. To supply air there needs a damper for the ceiling diffuser. With a damper, which reduces the velocity of air as it flows through. As air flows through the air diffuser, it slows down, thereby increasing the pressure within the diffuser. 


The damper is a flow control device at the back of the air diffuser or grille whose function is to control the air volume flowing through the HVAC system. It not only can adjust the velocity of the air passing through the diffuser to maintain the right amount of supply air. But also help to control airflow direction. You can move its louver blade in different directions.


There are different types of damper for the air diffuser and grille, they include square or rectangular opposed blade damper, butterfly damper and swirl damper. And it has aluminum, plastic and metal material. The square diffuser and ceiling grille is with aluminum opposed blade volume control, and the round diffuser is with plastic or metal butterfly damper.


The round butterfly damper provides airflow adjustment at the diffuser neck. Volume control blades move simultaneously in opposite directions, to provide superior metering and control with minimal disturbance of the air pattern.

How to install a ceiling diffuser damper? It’s very easy to install a damper to a diffuser, for the square diffuser and ceiling grille, we usually put a clip to the two frames or each frame. You just put the damper directly on the diffuser when you use it. Or you can use the rivet driver, put the damper back of the diffuser, then use the rivet to fix the frame of the damper will also be ok. Regarding round diffuser damper installation, usually, there’s a plastic nut, we will use the rivet to fix the plastic nut on the axis frame and another side of the plastic nut we use the screws. That the butterfly damper is strictly on the back of the round diffuser. The central air diffuser is with a removable core that allows butterfly dampers to maintain even pressure on both sides of the damper blade.

HVAC diffuser installation is also easy. For a square ceiling diffuser, we can provide an installation clip for fast installation, you just put the diffuser into the hole of the ceiling, and the clip will fasten to the ceiling. For the round diffuser, we will provide you a bracket, you need to put this to the ceiling first, then use the screws to fasten the round diffuser for installation.

Our company always work to develop new design and technologies to achieve better product performance, easier to install and higher quality year on year.

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