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How to determine the size of the air outlet of the central air conditioner

How to determine the size of the air outlet of the central air conditioner


1. It depends on the size of the indoor unit. The size of the air outlet of the central air conditioner depends on the capacity of the indoor unit. If the air outlet is too large and the air duct is too long, the air velocity will decrease, thus affecting the use effect of the air conditioner; If the air outlet is too small, the air velocity will increase, resulting in discomfort caused by direct wind blowing on the human body, and may also lead to excessive noise.

2. Universal size. The installation size of the air outlet of the central air conditioner is not clearly specified. It can be flexible according to the home decoration. The size of the air outlet depends on the capacity of the indoor unit.

Where we could purchase a good quality air outlet?

Located in Yingde city, Guangdong Province. VENTECH is a group company that was established in 2006 and specializes in the manufacturing of central air conditioning and HVAC spare parts like air diffusers and air grilles.

Today, we have earned a respected reputation of expertise and excellence, employing in excess of 150 qualified staff with facilities exceeding 33000 m2.

VENTECH is one of the leading manufacturers of Central air conditioning and Air diffusion products in China. VENTECH is dedicated to designing and offering a wide range of Central air conditioning products and Air diffusion products. VENTECH people are always focusing on the needs of clients.

VENTECH is concentrating on high quality, competitive price, and on-time delivery. VENTECH R&D people follow the newest design and technologies; keep improving products to achieve better performances. VENTECH products sell to more than 50 countries and win a high reputation om this field. VENTECH professional people are ready to cooperate with you to provide a comfortable air solution in the world.

Below is the popular model of VENTECH air outlet:

The diffuser has fixed straight fins.

In order to provide air, they are particularly suitable for horizontal air injection. If the "Coanda effect" is required, it should be installed near the roof.

These diffusers are recommended for ceiling heights up to 4 meters and air supply temperature differences of (+ / -) 100 ℃.

The diffuser is composed of a central frame and a heat sink block.

The blade block is fixed on the frame by a spring pin, which is easy to remove/install. The standard size starts from 150 x 150 mm, with a maximum of 600 x 600 mm in 75 mm increments.

There are one, two, three, and four direction emission types.

All aluminum extrusion structures comply with DIN 1748 standard.

1 to 4 direction transmission mode.

The easily removable inner part is locked in place without the use of tools.

There are square and rectangular round collars.

Standard surface treatment: electrostatic anodic oxidation coating.

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