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Can you buy diffuser separately

Can you buy diffuser separately


VENTECH is the leading manufacturer that specially produces aluminum diffusers and grilles, air louvers, volume control dampers and other HVAC accessories items.

At the beginning of 2006, VENTECH continues to be a leading supplier of central air conditioning terminal products in the international market. In 2009, we established our own factory to supply air diffusers and grille items all over the world. Now it has developed into a diversified and scientific global industrial manufacturing group. Our industry covers two major fields: HVAC products and industrial equipment, and up to now, our products are exported to more than 150 countries. Our company owns 40000 square meters of factories and more than 200 workers till now.

The production capacity of our factory has reached 15x40HQ containers per month, in an average of 2 days we can load one 40HQ container. This also depends on the recognition and support of our global customers. We sincerely thank every customer who cooperates and is committed to providing better services.

Except for the container shipment, our factory also provides LCL shipment orders. Maybe some of our customers want to buy our aluminum diffusers or grille but not in bulk cargo, so in which way they can buy the diffuser and grille separately? In which way can ensure the cargo is not in bulk cargo or full container shipment but will not be easy damage when received?

Our answer is yes, you can buy a diffuser or grille separately for LCL shipment. We have lots of experience to well pack the goods and protecting the items to avoid damage during transportation.

Normally we have 2 standard packing ways.

1st way is we pack standard export pallets. You can buy the single model or several model items to mix together in one pallet or several pallets to be shipped by LCL shipment. And we will do our standard export pallet packing to protect the goods from damage, as below photo we can see we use an export wooden splint to strengthen the pallets and will wrap them with plastic film outside to protect the cartons from humid weather or rain.

2nd way is we pack a completely closed wooden cases to fully protect the goods from 5 sides of the pallets. In addition, we will wrap stretch film and rolling tape on the pallet to prevent the pallet from unraveling. At last, We will well print the shipping mark and stick it on the pallet's front and back side according to shipping requirements.

These two ways of packing are good to protect the cargo and even customers buy separate diffusers by LCL shipment from us and when they received the goods will be in good condition!

In addition, if buy the diffuser separately from us, is there any extra cost on it?

According to our company policy, if for FOB terms, the LCL shipment less than 5000USD, we will have an extra 300USD handling cost, this handling cost we need to charge extra from the customer that’s because the order less than 5000USD LCL shipment our profit can not cover the track fee and local charges. Besides this cost, we don’t have any other charges on it.

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