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Aluminum jet nozzle diffuser

Aluminum jet nozzle diffuser


When the area of public places such as various halls and assembly workshops is large, the ceiling air supply outlet can not send air evenly or achieve the effect, in this case, it is necessary to install nozzles to supply air at the side. When the temperature difference between the supply air and the room temperature is constantly changing, the supply air flow will shift upward (hot air) or downward (cold air). The air supply direction may also be disturbed by external factors, such as local air flow or lateral air flow. The jet nozzle diffuser is designed to be rotated, and the direction of the air supply can be manually adjusted on the spot. It can swing through the actuator within the range of plus or minus 30 degrees. Pneumatic or electric actuators can also be provided as required. Specifications and models can be selected from 100mm to 630mm and other specifications and sizes.

Classification of jet nozzle diffuser

The jet nozzle diffuser can be divided into pneumatic or electric control systems. Because of the aerodynamic nozzle structure design, it achieves ideal noise control, and because of its high-quality appearance design, it can be used in concert halls, theatres, museums, and other places

Ordinary switch type: add 6 groups of aluminum alloy blades, and adjust the air volume by manually adjusting the blades

Electric actuator type: 220V electric control regulating blade to adjust the air volume

Temperature control type (temperature sensing type): the neck of the temperature sensing ball type remote nozzle is equipped with a temperature sensing actuator, which can automatically sense the air flow temperature and automatically drive the inner nozzle to change the air supply angle. When the air supply temperature in summer is less than or equal to 17 ℃, the air flow at the nozzle is blown out horizontally; When the air supply temperature in winter is ≥ 27 ℃, the air flow from the nozzle blows obliquely downward. It can meet the air supply requirements under different working conditions in winter and summer. The temperature sensing actuator does not need manual work, power supply, and electric control equipment, and has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, stable performance, easy installation, and maintenance free.

Characteristics of jet nozzle diffuser

This product is a new nozzle newly developed by our company. It is mainly used in an environment where there is a large distance between air-conditioning and personnel's activities, such as concert halls, theatres, museums, cinemas, airports, high-speed railway stations, etc.

The air supply nozzle of the jet nozzle diffuser is spherical, stuck in the shell, and equipped with an aluminum decorative ring and a round nozzle that can be directly inserted into a circle. The nozzle can be adjusted manually or electrically within a range of about 30 degrees.

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