Air Register Manufacturers, AC Grilles Suppliers, Return Air Grille Suppliers
Air Register Manufacturers, AC Grilles Suppliers, Return Air Grille Suppliers

Professional Design & High Quality

Air grille also called return air grille, HVAC grille, AC register, AC grille. Includes double deflection grille, return air grille, linear bar grille, door transfer grille etc.


Advantages of Ventech air grilles are here:

1. Certified by ISO9001, CE, SGS

2. 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-irritating odor, durable, widely application.

3. Widely used in restaurant, office building ,hotel, school, hospital etc for exhaust air

4. One-stop service from concept, design to production, OEM&ODM for size, style, logo, color, application etc.

Most importantly, they are in directly factory price

If you're interested in these air grille, please contact us to ask free custom service,  quick and free samples and get product list as soon as fast.

Air Grille Manufacturers, HVAC Grilles Suppliers, Return Air Grille Company

Double Deflection Grille

Double Deflection Grille, Return Air Grille Distributors, AC Grilles Manufacturers

Eggcrate Air Grille

Eggcrate Air Grille, AC Grilles Wholesale, Air Register Suppliers

Hinged Return Air Grille

Hinged Return Air Grille, Custom Air Registers, Return Air Grille Distributors
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