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Solar clean and confortable home central air conditioning unit 

Example of system application


1:   A/C outdoor unit

2:Air handing unit

3:Supply gritles

4:Return griles

5:Supply duct

6:Return duct

Vcare Clean and Comfortable Home Central Air Conditioning system



High efficiency of getting rid of harmful VOC, and PM2.5. Stay away from air pollution and enjoy clean living space.


Constant Temperature

The home temperature keeps at 25-
27, all year round.


Constant Humidity

The home humidity keeps between


Fresh air

Supply fresh air all day long.People enjoy fresh air anytime anywhere at home.



Low noise.Pleasant dreams.

Solar rooftop packaged air condtioning unit

Function: Cooling, Electrical heating, Heat pump, Thermostatic and Humidistat, fresh air, DC inverter.
Refrigerant: R22,R407C,R410A Cooling

Capacity: 21.5-575.7kwHeating

Capacity: 22.6-596.4kw

Product feature


Solar power as a priority option, greatly saving power consumption.


Using international famous brand hermetic scroll compressors.


Having two options of structures, split or monolithic.


Having rain-proof and anticorrosion design. It can be directly installed on the roof or outdoor area, saving space and initial investment.


With functions cooling, heat pump, thermostatic and humidistat, purification, fresh air, DC inverter. which are suitable for most kinds of conditions.


Using advanced microcomputer control system and thorough security system, to ensure efficient and stable operations all year round.

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