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4 steps to get free air diffuser or air grille samples

4 steps to get free air diffuser or air grille samples


Why there’s so important to get a free sample? Free sample marketing is the act of giving products or services away to prospective customers for free. It is especially effective in the whole construction business. Giving out free samples from suppliers is a way to quickly gain a lot of information because you effectively get your product or service into the hands of just the people who are most likely to want what you are selling.

How to get the free air diffuser or air grille samples from VENTECH?

1st, you could reach our salesperson and let us know your company name and email and other contact details.

2nd, please let us know which model and which size of air diffuser or air grille you’re interested in. We could provide free small samples for you according to your request.

3rd, please indicate your detailed address and delivery way of air diffuser or air grille samples.

4th, you will need to wait for 3 days to get the samples ready.

VENTECH air outlets are the latest addition to the external product range manufactured by the VENTECH Group and are designed to exceed the expectation of air distribution requirements of commercial and home users. The range of various designed grilles and diffusers provide adjustable products that help to control and adjust vertical projections to horizontal circulation, are adaptable for both variable and constant air volume systems, and are available in both square and round panels. VENTECH air outlets are manufactured from quality assured aluminum profiles available in finishes of minor polish, satin, statuary bronze anodized, and other anodized finishes.

The features of an air diffuser or air grille are as follows:

The frame and blades are of a high-quality one-piece stamping core with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.

Diffuser type core is fixed to the frame with aluminum pins loaded with springs.

The core can be easily removable and interchangeable to allow for maximum flexibility in installation

Discharge air horizontal in four-way, either X or pipe assemble are per pattern arrangement.

A foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as an option to avoid air leakage.

Discharge air horizontal in one way, either X or pipe assemble are per pattern arrangement.

Suitable for flush mounting in lay-in type ceiling.

Pressed cores and frames give high performance than the extruded profiles frames avoiding the joints at the corners.

Extruded aluminum profiles for frame and cores with 1.0mm thick and 30mm flange width

Diffuser-type cores as a single unit are fixed to the outer frame by aluminum pins loaded with stainless steel springs.

Damper frame and core: High-quality extruded aluminum profile with a natural aluminum finish.

Pressed Frame: High-quality aluminum sheets are pressed to the different sizes of frame dies.

Pressed frames with fixing holes for cores and ducts

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